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PV Solar panel installation process

Site survey

We will arrange to visit you and advise you on a perfect solar panel arrangement that best suits your needs for optimum returns.

Installation process

Step 1

We will arrange access to your roof using our specialist scaffolding contractors causing you the least disruption possible.

Step 2

We will arrange for all materials to be delivered at a time when we are present to offload and inspect all items for damage.

Step 3

We will carefully fit the fixing rails to your roof trusses taking extreme care not to break any membrane as to keep your roof watertight.

Step 4

Once the fixing rails are in place we will carefully install the solar panels to your roof.

Step 5

Once the panels are in place we will mount an inverter in your roof space that converts DC power to AC power and connect the panels.

Step 6

A cable will then be run from your roof space to your consumer unit where a meter will be fitted so you know exactly how much energy you are producing.

Step 7

Once everything is complete and tested we will clear site and issue you with a certificate which is presented to your electricity supplier so you may recieve your payments.